Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas have seen a lot of growth in recent years.  In fact, Fort Wayne is the 2nd largest city in Indiana with a population of approximately 271,000 people.  Many people may even be surprised to find out that Fort Wayne is the 78th largest city in the entire United States!

A Construction Boom in Fort Wayne

All of this growth has led to a continued boom in not only the housing industry but also the construction industry.  This is not surprising, as it can often seem like development is happening everywhere you look - from new homes and businesses to new hospitals and parks.

For those in the construction industry, this is great news, but it also means that uptime and equipment reliability is more important than ever when it comes to delivering consistently on tight timelines.  Fortunately, General Petroleum has your back with a full lineup of products perfectly suited for the construction industry - right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Introducing Mobil Serv

Mobil ServSM lubrication solutions provide construction companies the maximum productivity with minimum maintenance.  Even in harsh construction environments (100+ degree summer heat and extreme Indiana winters), construction equipment operators can trust Mobil ServSM lubricants for utmost reliability.

ServSM is the result of over 130 years of lubricant development.  In fact, Mobil ServSM even offers state-of-the-art Lubricant Analysis to help you be more efficient than ever when it comes to operating and maintaining your construction equipment.

How Mobil is Aiding the Construction Industry

For additional resources, success stories, and FAQs about how Mobil Serv is improving processes within the construction industry, visit the Construction page on Mobil’s website.

General Petroleum is a proud supplier of Mobil Serv and a host of other Mobil product lines.  For more information or to get a quote from a quality local supplier, contact us today!