The machine shop industry is never stagnant.

New technology. New equipment. New ideas.

The reality is you’re either moving forward or moving backward. So what are the best ways to set yourself up for future success? Here are four ideas:

Invest In Training Opportunities

Your people, not the machines themselves, are your greatest asset. At a time when it's still difficult to hire and retain quality employees, investing in their success is essential. Whether that means paying for continuing education or inviting industry partners to conduct seminars, make sure training is an ongoing focus.

Embrace The Future Of Technology

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) offers endless opportunities to increase efficiency and reliability. But you won’t remain on the cutting edge by maintaining the status quo. Always look for opportunities to be better. Investing the time and money now is likely to lead to a much smoother operation down the road.

Develop A Rust Prevention Program

Preventing rust is an ongoing battle that collectively costs billions of dollars each year. With any type of corrosion, it’s always best to be proactive rather than reactive. So how do you get started? Take an inventory of all your machinery. That ensures nothing falls through the cracks. And don’t stop with what you can see with the naked eye. Rust is a problem for both external and internal metal surfaces.

Use Lubricant To Increase Equipment Reliability

Industrial lubricants are unsung heroes. And yet most machine shop managers never look for opportunities to improve. The right lubricants lessen wear, reduce friction, minimize corrosion, and save energy. The wrong ones can hold your business back. After all, nearly 40% of machine failures are related to lubricants. If you’d like to discuss ways to increase equipment reliability, contact General Petroleum.