Sustainability is an important part of many business strategies today, this includes General Petroleum and Mobil. Promoting sustainability as a company is a way to create long-term value. Not only the environment but for economic and social purposes as well. General Petroleum is proud to work with many companies that also prioritize this in their strategy. Below is a statement from Mobil on its commitment to sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainability isn't only about operating our own company in an environmentally responsible way. Our high-performance industrial lubricants and services provide solutions to help you do the same.

We're committed to industrial sustainability solutions that balance economic growth, social development, and environmental protection, so that future generations are not compromised by actions taken today.”


Sustainability for General Petroleum is seen in many different aspects of our business. Sustainability is accounted for from the products we chose to distribute to the decisions made in the warehouse and office. Below you will find a list of ways we are practicing sustainability at General Petroleum.

  • Protecting safety and health in the workplace by communicating potential risks and product-management best practices.
  • Reducing environmental impacts and resource utilization in our products’ manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal.
  • Promoting economic and social development by supporting local businesses, communities, and organizations.
  • Managing climate risks through comprehensive research on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and industrial energy use.


At General Petroleum, we are committed not only to the success of our business but to providing value to our customers. We promote sustainability through the products we distribute. Below is a list of benefits our customers receive while working with General Petroleum:

  • More efficient equipment and fuel economy benefits to reduce energy and resource consumption, emissions, and costs.
  • Longer oil life - up to five times longer than alternative lubricants - to reduce lubricant consumption, used oil generation, and operating expenses.
  • Extend equipment life to maximize equipment lifespan and operational uptime, helping decrease maintenance, disposal, and replacement costs.
  • Environmentally acceptable products, like our specialized EAL(TM) (Environmental Awareness Lubricants) line, deliver maximum protection for soil, groundwater, and surface water systems, where environmentally acceptable products are required.

Interested in learning more about General Petroleum? Give our office a call to learn more about how we can help you with the different lines of products we distribute from Mobil, Quaker Houghton, QualiChem, and more.