To understand the purpose and use of metalworking fluids, we must first understand the concept of metalworking. Put simply, metalworking is the factory production of metal goods. It involves the forming, cutting, and joining of metals to create various metal parts and structures for use in a wide variety of industries.

Car and machine parts are one example of metalworking. Car parts (and many other types of parts) are made by metal machinery in factories whose operation relies heavily on metalworking fluids. Without proper metalworking fluids for these machines, companies could not continue to efficiently produce their metal goods. Factories need metalworking fluids for a variety of critical operating functions, including: 

  • Cooling hot metal pieces as they are molded and crafted,
  • helping machinery to operate at a normal pace,
  • aiding in consistent product production, and
  • acting as biocides and fungicides to prevent respiratory and dermatological illnesses in factory workers.

Metalworking Fluids as a Competitive Advantage


The world of metalworking production starts and stops with metalworking fluids. With the ever increasing competition in the metalworking industry, both locally and internationally, the need to meet daily quotas is an ever pressing issue for factory owners and managers. That’s why keeping the machines running efficiently with the help of metalworking fluids is such an important task. 

The functions of metalworking fluids can vary based upon their specific chemical makeup or base oils. The variation in compositions for these fluids reflects the wide range of needs that must be met within metalworking factories to keep operations not only active, but thriving.

Having metalworking fluids on hand is non-negotiable, but having quality fluids can help machinery last longer and even place production rates above what might otherwise have been possible. Using quality metalworking fluids is critical for companies hoping to gain a competitive advantage (or even just to stay in business in today’s competitive metalworking market).

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