The push towards a more energy-efficient future continues.

For many businesses, this means minor changes and ongoing enhancements. But forward-thinking companies and individuals dream bigger. And many of them are looking in the same direction.


As the most plentiful in the universe, this atom provides businesses with significant advantages:

  • Hydrogen releases no emissions at the point of use

  • Hydrogen global demand is expected to double by 2030

  • Hydrogen is versatile and has the potential to power industrial facilities

These benefits can be great for business as well as for the planet. 

The Color Of Hydrogen

However, one factor that complicates the future of hydrogen is that production does not follow a singular, standard process. There’s an entire spectrum of options available.

Although colorless, hydrogen production is categorized by color:

  • Grey hydrogen is produced by splitting natural gas into hydrogen and carbon dioxide, which is then released into the atmosphere

  • Blue hydrogen follows the same process, but captures and stores the carbon dioxide instead of releasing it.

  • Green hydrogen uses renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

These three are some of the most common. It’s important to note that, according to experts, there isn’t a significant difference in the emissions intensity between blue and green hydrogen.

The Future Of Hydrogen

Achieving global climate goals will require wide adoption of innovative solutions like hydrogen. 

One company helping to lead that charge is ExxonMobil. There are plans in the works for a new hydrogen plant in Baytown, Texas. It could produce up to 1 billion cubic feet of blue hydrogen per day. By making this switch to hydrogen, the existing facility could trim emissions by up to 30%.

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