Cynthia Vanderwall has led General Petroleum Inc. (GPI) as the president and CEO for more than a decade. However, female leaders like her represent a small percentage of leaders in the industry. 

According to data from Catalyst and S&P Global, women represent only 17% of the executive-level positions in the oil and gas industry.

Cynthia, whose friends call her Cindie, says she is aware she is in a unique position as a female leader. Cindie’s passions and strengths lie in team building, strategic planning and business development. 

After leading the day-to-day operations at GPI since 2006, Cindie says the business has grown tremendously.

With over 700,000 gallons of bulk inventory and over 750 different package products on-hand at all times, Cindie and her team ensure customers receive deliveries within 24-48 hours of order receipt. GPI’s mission is to operate a wholesale warehouse and distribution system that provides quality industrial and automotive lubrication products combined with an experienced customer service team.  

She recently shared her story with other female leaders at the popular Women & Hi-Tech event. During the event, she highlighted her career path as well as the challenges and opportunities women face in leadership roles. 

Under her leadership, Cynthia also earned GPI its Women’s Business Enterprise National Council Certification, which celebrates GPI as a women-owned business.

After earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo, she went on to attend courses at the University of Toledo College of Law while also holding a management position in the Lucas County Court System. 

Cynthia is exceedingly proud of GPI's growth over the past 40 years and is enthusiastic about what the future holds.

The team at GPI is thankful to celebrate Cindie’s leadership regularly, including during Women's History Month!