The right lubricants can increase margins by improving equipment reliability.

But making that selection is easier said than done. There are different base oils and additives to consider. Rather than relying on your own wisdom and research, it can help to contact General Petroleum.

You know your business. We know oil. 

By working together, there’s significant potential to maximize profit. When you have that conversation, here are three factors to remember:


Varnish is the buildup of organic residue that coats your equipment. Eliminating all varnish is unlikely, but you do have some control over the amount of buildup based on the oil you select. Some lubricants are engineered to reduce the amount of sludge.

Corrosion & Rust

These two unwanted byproducts that deteriorate metal surfaces are far more than a nuisance. Corrosion tallies up a global cost of trillions of dollars each year. Avoid contributing to that number by selecting lubricants with the necessary additives. And if you haven’t already, take steps to build your rust prevention program.


Oxidation is one of the primary reasons for lubrication degradation. By reducing that process, you can prolong the quality of your oil which ultimately keeps more money in your pocket. Two of the most common sources of unwanted oxidation include wear and high temperatures. You want a lubricant that can keep up with your business.


By remembering these three factors, you can make a more informed lubrication decision. However, your business is unique and chances are your needs will be, too. A local oil distributor can help provide the personalization you want.


Here in Indiana, General Petroleum is proud to serve multiple territories in the Hoosier state as well as Northwest Ohio. If you have any questions, please contact us today.