In 2024, ExxonMobil proudly marks the 50th anniversary of Mobil 1, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand. Since its introduction in 1974, Mobil 1 has set the standard for engine protection and performance, evolving with the automotive industry’s changing landscape.

Evolution of Excellence

Initially introduced as the first full synthetic automotive motor oil, Mobil 1 has consistently delivered unmatched quality and performance. Over the past five decades, it expanded its line to cover gas-powered, hybrid, and electric cars, becoming a trusted choice for millions of drivers worldwide.

Commemorative Initiatives

To commemorate this milestone, ExxonMobil has planned a series of initiatives throughout 2024. These initiatives will spotlight historic, current, and new relationships with OEMs, motorsports partners, and more. The celebration includes specially designed liveries and highlights of Mobil 1’s extensive racing history during the 2024 motorsports season.

Immersive Journey Through History

A central component of the celebration is a short film guided by former Formula 1 racer and McLaren driver David Coulthard. This immersive journey will take audiences through Mobil 1’s evolution, influential collaborations, and technological achievements.

A Testament of Innovation and Collaboration

The brand’s success is not just a result of superior technology but also of close collaboration with automakers, racing teams, and industry experts. These collaborations have allowed Mobil 1 to continually evolve and set new industry standards.

GPI is proud to be a distributor of Mobil 1 for most of its 50 year history. To learn more about Mobil 1 and the range of products that we offer, visit our website.