Every day people take precautions when it comes to seemingly average tasks and often times a second thought doesn’t cross their minds.

Think back to the last time you mowed your grass so it wouldn’t get out of hand or you went to the dentist for a routine check-up. At the time, it may have seemed like an ordinary practice. When you look at these tasks more closely, you will notice that you were taking a precautionary measure to prevent a problem in the future.

Running a routine analysis of machinery is no different. Performing a regular oil analysis gives you the ability to identify a problem during its early stages and prevent a problem from turning into an emergency.


Making sure an oil analysis is done frequently is the best way to ensure that your machine is getting the care it needs to last a long time. You may not discover a problem every time, but performing an oil analysis regularly ensures that when a problem or a potential problem arises a solution can be found before the problems are permanent. Keep your machine running longer by making a routine of analyzing the oil.


When working with machinery, it’s best to keep an open mind and explore alternative options. After reviewing the results of an oil analysis, you may be faced with a different set of problems and solutions each time. It might be as easy as swapping the industrial lubricant or fixing a leaky antifreeze tube. In the end, it’s important to understand that the solution might not always be the same but it may be necessary to achieve the best results.


How can you save money if you have to spend money on an oil analysis? Well, it’s similar to having car insurance. Being proactive allows for the small problems that arise to be maintained before they become a major issue. In the long run, a regular oil analysis will save you financially because you’re conquering the problem before it becomes an even bigger hurdle. Small issues tend to be quick fixes and lean towards being less expensive. If you allow for that small problem to grow into a large problem it could cost you a lot more in repairs or even the cost of a new machine.

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