Fort Wayne Headquarters

General Petroleum handles all administrative activity from the headquarters located in Fort Wayne, Indiana—4,000 square feet of general accounting office (First Floor) and 1,000 square feet of marketing and conference office (Second Floor) make up this building. The administrative functions are fully computerized on state-of-the-art Microsoft SBS systems.

We strive to be an industry leader in our administrative technology. We do this by constantly updating our operating systems and keeping ahead of the curve. Financial Statements are published within five hours after the close of the monthly accounting and inventory is physically counted at each location every month. The satellite plant communicates with the headquarters through a virtual private network (computer) and direct line (voice). A three-state toll-free number is in place for our customers, which is controlled by an AVAYA, an automated voice system. This system directs the caller to heavy products customer service center or to a technical service group, both staffed by four trained customer service representatives apiece.

Fort Wayne Warehouse

Approximately 50% of our annual sales volume is distributed from our newly constructed 35,000 square foot warehouse located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With a storage capacity of 350,000 gallons, the warehouse is owned by the Chairman/CEO and President and leased to General Petroleum on a twenty-year lease. The warehouse is a Butler building, which is fully insulated and heated and houses 4,500 square feet of administrative and marketing offices. This warehouse location allows us to achieve our goals to always have a readily on-hand, diverse inventory selection to meet our customers’ needs.

The Tanks (Fort Wayne)

There are 60 bulk lubricant tanks inside this Fort Wayne location for the purposes of repackaging and bulk oil and lubricant deliveries. The Tanks building comes equipped with a total storage capacity of 350,000 gallons and over 700 package products on hand at all times.

The Vehicles

General Petroleum, Inc. sports eight dry vans (22 ft in length), six bulk oil tankers, two tractor-trailer units (53 ft in length), and four 10,000-gallon tractor trailer units operating from Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

This fleet is the best in the industry, which enables us to cover such a large sales and delivery territory. General Petroleum takes pride in having the best running and best-looking trucks on the road. We take continuous measures to verify that our fleet remains top-notch in our industry.

Indianapolis Warehouse

Our second warehousing operation is a 35,000-square-foot facility located in Lebanon, Indiana, just ten miles outside the Indianapolis market. This plant exclusively houses operating personnel and services Central Indiana—the warehouse is equipped with an administrative office for operations and a conference room for meetings and training.

This location distributes 52% of General Petroleum’s annual sales volume. Our Indianapolis warehouse has 64 inside storage tanks with a total storage capacity of 550,000 gallons for repackaging and bulk oil and lubricant deliveries. The facility also carries well over 700 package products on hand at all times.

The Tanks (Lebanon)

There are 64 bulk lubricant tanks inside this location for repackaging and bulk oil and lubricant deliveries. This facility boasts a total storage capacity of 500,000 gallons and carries over 700 package products on hand at all times.